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Surveys for Inspection, Testing and Making Safe of Reinforced Concrete Structures

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Employing the safest and most cost effective access techniques, our clients are assured of a comprehensive survey to identify and make safe all potential hazards, such as spalling concrete cover and other loose material in accordance with the current HSE recommendations.

The correct determination of the current condition of concrete structures relies upon a full understanding of the methods of construction, properties of reinforced concrete, mechanisms by which it deteriorates and the latest techniques for its long-term repair and corrosion prevention. The relevant methods of inspection and testing must be employed in order to ensure the correct diagnosis for the deterioration so as the structure can be made safe.

The condition, depth and alignment of reinforcement is of crucial importance to engineers dealing with the refurbishment of reinforced concrete structures. External concrete elements constructed to a poor design specification or standard may pose as a hazard and must be made safe in order to prevent harm to the users of the structure.

The accurate measurement of the depth of carbonation is essential to assess the potential for carbonation induced corrosion of the reinforcement. Precise inspection and testing ensures a safe structure, identifying potential problems before they become hazardous.

The analysis of samples from reinforced concrete structures can confirm levels of chloride within the structure which is essential when assessing the potential for chloride induced corrosion of reinforcement. Appropriate inspection and testing may identify potential problems allowing a suitable repair specification for reinforced concrete.

Laboratory analysis of samples obtained from reinforced concrete structures can confirm the presence of blended cements such as HAC which may affect a structures durability. In order to make the structure safe for the future, a survey must be carried out to identify areas of high risk.

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